My Cryptocurrency investment is paying of my student loans!

I was able to get into the Crypto game at a decent time.  The time just before literally everyone in the office was at the very least joking about it as the newest thing.

My initial plan was to hold on tight and let my full investment ride for as long as this roller coaster goes.

But things have settled a bit, and with so much uncertainty in 2018 I have decided to pick away at the gains and put some of them toward my student loans.

I have been so wired for so long in paying my $500 per month in student loans that I haven’t even thought of an actual plan for tackling more than the interest.

I am literally paying $6,000 a year just to keep two financial companies at bay while I do nothing with the actual principle of what I borrowed.

It’s crazy to think about how long it will take me to actually pay these off if I kept on this track.

But no longer.  I have saved well enough, and have some freedom to start the process to wipe out this balance and move the hell on.

I wrote a previous short post that talked about Bitcoin giving you a shot, and this is one example where I think that holds true.

I will withdraw at least my initial investment and let the rest just sit there and hopefully we see a nice spike in the crypto world in 2018.

I think it’s a no brainer to take advantage of what has come to be in the crypto market, realize some real personal gains from it, and then just enjoy the rest of the ride while still having some real skin in the game.

My first round just took a 10% bite out of my loans, and I am on my way to more in the coming weeks.

Regardless of what happens, it’s a win in my book.