Email Marketing Best Practices- 5 guidelines to integrate into your strategy today


Email Marketing remains the #1 revenue generating channel, with the strongest ROI at $40 earned per $1 spent.  

It’s an amazing channel that is both overlooked and capitalized on by millions.

I work closely with many firms and entrepreneurs who are absolutely “killing it” in the email space, but at the same time still struggling to implement a small set of practices that can lift their returns even more.

Looking back on 2016, and all of the conversations I have had with clients large and small, here are the 5 best practices you need to implement into your email strategy moving forward.

At the end of the day it’s about improving your in-boxing, and these tactics will put you on a great long term path.


1. Content being sent using your ESP (email service provider) account should have a direct relation to your website and should be educational in nature, providing real value to your subscriber base.  If you are monetizing your email audience, sending only offers can cause problems down the road. Mix in some actual content that provides value to your users as well.


2. Do not use any deceptive subject lines or use 3rd party unsubscribe links in your emails.  When a user clicks “unsubscribe” it should remove them from your ESP account, and not link to some other website.


3. Do not use 3rd party data for building your email audience.  If a subscriber has not directly opted in on one of your websites, they are not considered a direct opt-in.


4. Maintain around a 60/40 text to image ratio, and try to maintain at least 500 characters in your emails.  This will help in keeping ISP’s from filtering your content and maintain in-boxing.


5. Try to keep your frequency to around 1 message per day.


These are pretty straight forward, but I see as commonly overlooked.  

Keep these top of mind when launching a campaign.


If you are interested in discussing anything email marketing related with me directly, you can check out my AWeber page and send me an email.